Jane Sanders Nutrition
If you put diesel in a petrol car it breaks down so likewise if you put the wrong fuel in your body it breaks down. 
Bodies are a little more complicated than cars so finding the right fuel for your body takes a little more working out. 
We have a extensive choice of foods to buy these days but not all of them are healthy, there is an old saying "One man's meat is another man's poison". Everyone is slightly different so we need to choose foods based on our genetic makeup, our own lifestyle, work load and prevailing health conditions.

If your diet is not balanced to your needs you may be succumbing to many ailments including-
Fatigue and lack of energy.
Depression and anxiety
Lack of mental clarity
Poor skin condition
Women's health and menopause
Poor weight control
Poor and uncomfortable digestion
Age related conditions
Arthritis and joint problems
Food intolerances 
Low resistance to infections

Here is where I can help.
A full consultation which looks at diet history and general health profile at present,
giving recommendations on foods to eat, foods to avoid, vitamins and minerals. Then giving regular updates as necessary and help and advice with buying and cooking food if required.
I have a practical background in all aspects of food purchasing, storage, cooking and eating.
I trained in hotel management and cooked in our own restaurants and hotel, I have experience in bringing up a family, coping with ageing parents
RSH and Abc qualifications in scientific nutrition and nutritional therapy.

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