Jane Catherine Sanders
The world is a myriad of ever changing scenes, the weather, the seasons, time and age. I am aiming to capture the moment in time when the natural world is at it's most beautiful and gives forth a sense of harmony. Sometimes this is peaceful and at others full of pent up energy.
In other paintings, I am fascinated by the extending of the painting into grey tones to create a border to mimic the focussing of the eye.
I also like using nature itself by painting directly onto leaves, a complete landscape or an abstract pattern.
My painting has also migrated on to ceramic tiles in the style of delftware and also on to ceramic beads to make necklaces.
These are handmade, fired then painted and glazed, and can also be fired a third time to add real gold or platinum. The hand painting maybe a pattern or complete minature landscape on the individual bead The glaze colours are a constant source of inspiriation  producing endless variety.

Article from the Peterborough Moment Magazine
Everyday is a new day
Capture a moments happiness and spread to all around you
or.... paint it into a picture
Keep your self in good health, we need energy for inspiration
New paintings this year to explore the countryside with colour and impressions.

Thought for the day
"If all men painted they wouldn't be as keen to destroy and pollute the world"