Apples & Comma Butterfly
A comma butterfly tastes the sweet juice of a freshly opened apple.
502 16" x 12" 
Apples & Watering Cans
A warm autumn day in the garden a small boy is looking at juicy red apples just picked from the tree, his reflection in the watering can..
501  30" x 20"   £590
Bramley Apples
Just picked in the garden.
503 16" x 12"  £ 145
Ashton Conkers
Bright shiny conkers from the village of Ashton in East Northamptonshire where the conker championship is held every October.
505 10" x 8" £95
If planets were apples.
Would we look after the planet any more if it were the size of an apple with all its life giving properties?
506  20" x 16" 
Aspen Forest
Path through the sunlit aspen trees in Woodland park, Colorado. Where does it go to..., what is round the corner....?

601 20" x 16"  £195
Box canvas 
Barnwell Country Park
The beginning of autumn by the bridge, so peaceful..
603 16" x 20"  £195
Box Canvas
From Fotheringhay Castle
Look into the distance, as far as you can see. The view from the top of the Castle mound.
604 12" x 12"  Sold
Swan Lake
Horses riding round swan lake , one of the Bluebell lakes in Tansor, North Northamptonshire.
606 16" x 12" £ 100
Box Canvas  Sold
Please find below examples of my paintings. They are all oils and painted to evoke a thought, a mood or an atmosphere. Subjects often evolve from my love of nature and the beauty of our surroundings.

Commissions can be undertaken so please e-mail me with any requests. If you would like to purchase any work please e-mail me to arrange details.

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Leaf Paintings
These are oil paintings on leaves, mounted and framed. The smooth painting surface produces an effect similar to that of a watercolour.
Leaf Rose
Leaf Horse
607 12" x 10" £50
The Hole in the Groyne
The view through a hole in a groyne on Winchelsea beach.
605 8" x 8"  £45
Box canvas        Sold

Still Life
Fruit and Flowers for the Child
All the goodness in the fruit  and all beauty of the flowers should remain pure for the children of the future, as it was for cherubs in the past.
401   20" x 30"   £450
Midnight.    NFS
Quad Sculls
A misty outing for the yound quad sculls crew.
602 30" x 20"  £350

Leaf Paintings
The freshest ingredients! Warm summer evenings, laughter and the wafts of cooking smells.
609 8"x 8"  £45
Ready to cook and turn into a sumptuous dish, a few tomatoes, a little basil....
608 8" x 8" £45
Leaf Horse Rearing
701 11" x11"  Sold
The village from the Woodnewton road with the trees just gaining their autumn colours
702 8" x 8"   Sold
Rocks & Seaspray
Crashing waves
702 12" x 12"  £90
Stormy sky, Staithes
Racing grey clouds
703 12" x 12" £90
Seagull II
Groynes make a good vantage point!
704 12" x 12" £90
Waves rolling in to shore.
705 12" x 12" £90

Mussels and Rocks
Low tide at Winchelsea, exposing mussels clinging to flat rocks.
706 12" x 12" Sold
Ceramic beads
Available From
Elton Hall
From across the park
801 8" x8" £55
Box canvas
St Mary's church
802 8"x8" Sold
Box Canvas
Oundle Bridge
The river Nene flows under the arches at the entrance of the town.
803 8" x 8" £55
Normanton, Rutland.
The old church that didn't quite get flooded when the reservoir was built.
804 8"x 8" £55
Nassington -Springtime
The village surrounded by the vibrant yellow rape fields.
805 8" x  8" £55
Oundle from Ashton
Oundle spire from across the meadow at Ashton
806 8" x 8" £55  Sold
River Nene- Polebrook
A bend in the river between Polebrook and Barnwell
901 8 x 20" £120 Sold
Oundle from southwick
Oundle seen from the top of Southwick Hill
902 8" x 8" Sold
Tansor Lakes
The beautiful fishing lakes just outside Tansor where "Benson" used to live.
903 8" x 20"  £145
Breaking Wave
Waves breaking over the old groynes on Winchelsea beach. Transformed into wonderful shapes by the pounding of the sea.
905 24" x 24" £220

Sunflowers - Shortwood
Sunflowers edging the fields of Shortwood at the top of the hill between Oundle and Southwick.
904 12" x 9" £95
Betwixt Southwick & Bulwick
Rolling Northamptonshire countryside.
906 20" x 8" £145
Attentive Cockerel
Cockerel fluffing out his feathers for the attention of his hen.
907 12" x 12" Sold
Doing what chickens like doing best, looking for insects in the grass.
908 8" x 8" £55
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